Final Projects: AU2.0

Below are some of the projects produced by the attendees at the 2016 Archives Unleashed 2.0 event at the Library of Congress, Washington D.C.

Project: Twitter Political Organization – This team analyzed Twitter data from the presidential campaign in order to assess differences in sentiment expressed in the tweets.

Team Members: Allie Kosterich, Nich Worby, John Berlin, Laura Wrubel, Gregory Wiedeman

Project: Mojitos – This team worked with the Internet Archive’s crawl of the Cuban web domain, and focused on an analysis of news coverage in Cuba.

Team Members: Nathalie Casemajor, Alexander Nwala, Sylvain Rocheleau, Frederico Nanni, Petra Galuscakova, Jana Hajlerova

Project: I Know What You Hid Last Summer – This team focused on websites and Tweets in the prior UK election, and analyzed the type of content that was deleted over time.

Team Members: Ramine Tinati, Jess Ogden, Mat Kelly, Niko Tsakalakis, Shawn Walker, Keesha Henderson, Jaimie Murdock

Project: The Supremes – Team Supremes analyzed web archive data from Supreme Court nominee hearings, and looked at patterns in linking and content.

Team Members: Patrick Rourke, Todd Seuomela, Nicholas Taylor

Project: Team Turtle – Team Turtle looked at web archive data from the 2004 presidential election, and focused on an analysis of the topics mentioned in the days leading up to the election.

Team Members:  Mohammed Arturban, Niel Chah, Steve Marti, Imaduddin Amin

Project: Counter-Terrorism – Team Counter-Terrorism, the winning team! – analyzed a unique set of tweets from known terrorist accounts.

Team Members: Emily Gade, Dan Kerchner

Project: Campaign: Origins – Team Origins analyzed the emergence of various narrative in the social media activity of political campaigns.

Team Members: Deb Riley-Huff, Louise Keen, Nick Bennett, Allison Hegel, Justin Littman, Shawn M. Jones, Kevin Foley, Ericka Mechen-Trevino

Project: Team Museums – Team Museums analyzed a new Internet Archive collection of data tracing the development of museum websites.

Team Members: Ed Summers, Emily M., Sawood, Vinay, Jefferson